Prayer Spaces in Schools is one of the most inspiring streams of the 24-7 Prayer movement. Never heard about it? Check this out…

We are celebrating 10 years of Prayer Spaces in Schools and the estimated 1 million children, of all faiths and none, who have explored life questions, spirituality and faith in a creative way through them. Would you sponsor the Prayer Spaces in Schools team as they tackle a triathlon and invest into the next decade of our work?

“There have been nearly 3,000 prayer spaces in more than 30 countries around the world, from Austria to Australia, from Peru to Pakistan” writes Phil Togwell. “We need to keep growing Prayer Spaces in Schools, and so as a team we’ve decided to raise some money by tackling an Olympic Triathlon and we’d love you to sponsor us.”



On Saturday 18th November the Prayer Spaces in Schools team in England will be tackling an Olympic Triathlon which includes: 1500 metres (60 lengths) of SWIMMING, 40 kilometres of CYCLING and 10 kilometres of RUNNING. Some team members will be doing a part of the Triathlon while team leader Phil Togwell will be tackling the whole thing!


If you’ve enjoyed leading or participating in a prayer space team, could you sponsor the team? Or maybe your church or organisation could sponsor them? Maybe prayer spaces has become an important part of your mission and ministry to your local community, and you’d like to invest back in Prayer Spaces in Schools?

Find out more about Prayer Spaces in Schools, the triathlon they’re attempting and celebrate the first decade of this amazing work by giving here.



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