On the 25th May, Ascension Day, a day of prayer has been called for the Police. Will you pray for the men and women who police and protect our streets?

The Christian Police Association, founded 130 years ago and reaching 6000 members and friends across the nation, adopted Ascension Day as National Day of Prayer for Police some years ago. 2017 however feels particularly poignant after a Police Officer lost his life in the line of duty during the recent terrorist attack on Westminster…

“The recent tragic death of PC Keith Palmer, an officer who laid down his life in defence of our society and freedoms, reminds us all of the ultimate cost of standing in that thin blue line, when officers and staff choose to not only stand firm, but to step forward into danger.” Writes Sgt Brian McCarthy from the Christian Police Association

Find out more about the day of prayer, and consider making time to pray personally, with family and friends, or as a church on Thursday 25th May. Pray for:

  • The Police Service and those who work so selflessly for the protection and good of us all
  • The governing authorities to find the right balance of funding to provide the necessary police numbers
  • Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Officers to be Blessed with Wisdom and insight
  • Those who are on the front line, and their families with them to be blessed with peace that goes beyond our understanding



Carla Harding is the National Director for 24-7 Prayer Great Britain. Her life was hijacked by God in 1999 during a two hour stint in the first 24-7 Prayer Room. Carla lives in Chichester, UK with her husband Steve and their children Jackson and Eloise. She loves prayer and worship, friends and food, a well told story, international adventures and a challenge to get her teeth into. In her spare time Carla is an active member of Revelation Church and the lead singer of a functions band… but that’s another story.

  1. May 12, 2017

    Thank you.
    My husband, a Guildford Police Officer, lost his life on duty in 1984

    Thank you from him
    Thank you from me and all within the police community

    Thank you from Jesus

    Your Kingdom Come Lord

    • May 24, 2017

      Amen Gill. Especially after the events of this week, I can’t wait to pray for the men and women of our Police Force tomorrow with you. Carla

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