Prayer Spaces in Schools are good news for many different reasons. They encourage pupils to value themselves, to see themselves in positive, sometimes new ways. They help others who are struggling with difficult or broken relationships to find peace and reconciliation. They can be safe places for pupils to process grief, and also to ask big questions about life. And for some they provide an opportunity to explore spirituality and faith.

The feedback that we receive from pupils and from staff and parents is always good. But every now and then we receive something that is more than good, something truly unexpected and wonderful.

Last month, we received an email from the team leader of a prayer space in the UK with the following feedback from parents and students alike…

A parent: “my daughter came home from school and asked if we could pray thanking God for our new house. I agreed even though I don’t have a faith myself. I think it’s really good my daughter has learnt how to pray at the prayer space.”

Parent: “My elbow was so painful. My daughter offered to pray for me. I said yes – The pain left! I really think God must care about me. I was healed! I didn’t teach my daughter about God – she learnt it at school in the prayer space.”

Student year 2: “I’m not a Christian but I like the prayer space because I can be myself and ask questions about God.”

Student year 3: “I don’t know that God loved me and that he has angels looking out for me. I learnt that at the prayer space.”

Anonymous: “I didn’t know there were other Christians in my school until I went to the prayer space.”


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