Naked Truth aims to open eyes and free lives from the damaging impact of pornography through awareness, education and recovery programmes. The rise of the internet and prevalence of smart phones and tablets means that pornography has never before been more affordable, accessible, anonymous or potentially addictive. It’s scale is huge. Just one free pornsite boasts over 4.4 billion visits a month. We see first hand the damage that obsessive porn use is causing to families and futures, marriages and ministries. 


Many Christians prayer walk. Taking their prayers to the physical spaces & streets that they hope to see transformation. The web is great but is also one of THE places porn thrives. As with prayer walking, we to wanted take our prayers to the place we hope to see change, the internet. 

Picture the scene: a warehouse on a trading estate somewhere in deepest, darkest Manchester that’s been wired for sound and video. There’s worship, art, prayer, testimonies and even a bit of a message. Everything you’d expect at a prayer event. But it’s a poor turnout by any standards: a worship band, some techies, a presenter, an artist, 2 or 3 team. Except this event isn’t designed for you to attend: it’s all being streamed live to the Naked Truth Project YouTube channel. So you’ve logged on to YouTube and over the next 60 minutes, you don’t just get to watch what’s going on – you are meant to participate. The team make various short presentations throughout the hour. After each section everyone logged in is invited to pray wherever they are and we unite in praying for this topic.


The next Naked Truth Online event is Wednesday 13th from 8pm to 9pm (GMT).

Remember, the great thing about these events is you can join us wherever you are in the world. Just fire up your laptop, Smart Tv or tablet and join us online at:


For more information head to


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    Is 24/7 still going and Where?

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