During this past Summer, a team from one of our Boiler Room churches in the UK visited our 24-7 Prayer community in Ibiza; altering their sleeping habits to bless the party goers of San Antonio. One of the team, Holly, shares her story with us:

“Before going out to Ibiza I had no idea what to expect. When we arrived, we were shown a video of a party that takes place out in Ibiza at the end of the season for all the reps. This party is a chance for the reps to get as ‘out of it’ as possible. This video broke the whole team. In that moment, God showed us his heart for the people on the streets of Ibiza – a place full of people trying to escape a life of pain, anxiety and depression. Now it was time to get onto the streets and we couldn’t wait!

Being on the streets with our 24-7 IBIZA t-shirts on felt amazing – we felt the t-shirts were an armour. Everyone knew who we were. The reputation 24-7 Prayer has in Ibiza is incredible and the openness to prayer on the streets blew us away. Being able to pray with people about their home lives, their holidays and health was life changing. All the people I prayed with were overcome by Gods love for them and seeing their faces after being prayed for was a true delight.

People have been prayer walking on the streets of San Antonio for the last 20 years and we able to join in, not only for the partiers, but for the police force; the small businesses; and the club reps. You can tell that has paved the way for God’s work here.

What God is doing out of a small prayer room in Ibiza is incredible. The people on the streets know they have a place of refuge to come and pray, sit with a cup of tea and be heard. It’s a place full of love and kindness.”

Find out more about how you can join one of 24-7 Prayer’s mission teams by visiting our international website.

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