We had an amazing time at the Gathering earlier this year. We are thrilled to be able to share the recorded sessions online, by starting our Gathering Sessions series, posting a new video each month on our Blog.

Our first talk is by Adam Heather, an amazing young communicator, leader at Emmaus Rd church and operations director of 24-7 Prayer, who speaks to us on the compassion of Jesus in the feeding of the four-thousand (Matt 15:32-38) and how it differed to the feeding of the five-thousand in the previous chapter.

Adam recognised that since the first feeding was to ‘holy’ Jews and the second to ‘unholy Gentiles, perhaps the disciples doubt was not based in whether Jesus could perform the miracle but whether he would perform it? Is it likely that the disciples view of God’s goodness needed to be expanded in order for their faith to be expanded as well?

He goes on to say that, “If faith is a confident expectation in the things that we hope for and the things we do not see then how do we hope for things that we don’t believe are in the boundaries of our understanding of the goodness of God?”

Find Adams full talk below as he expands on Jesus’ compassion and how we can develop a “stubborn kind of faith.”

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