“When churches that struggled to get people to attend a monthly prayer meeting are so hungry for God that they begin to pray all night, we are witnessing the church awakening. – Pete Greig

We are seeing a growth in prayer all over the world.
We believe this is a significant moment for the global church, and 24-7 Prayer is in a unique place to serve in this kingdom story. And we urgently need your help.

GIVE NOW to support the growth

At this remarkable time in the movement, 24-7 Prayer needs to raise £25,000 by the end of February, just to keep up with the needs and opportunities we’re seeing worldwide.

2017 was an incredible celebration of:

…a decade of Prayer Spaces in Schools, with over 2500 prayer spaces hosting over 1 million children 

the most prayer rooms EVER registered in one calendar year

…we supported Thy Kingdom Come that saw more than 1.5 million people gathered in prayer globally

And this is just part of the story.
Through free and affordable resources, courses and inspiration, we enable as many as we can to encounter God in prayer.
As we continue in our mission to revive the Church and rewire the culture, we need your generosity to continue supporting the global Church in prayer, mission and justice.


In reality, prayer is a difficult thing to fundraise for – many will give money to worthy causes, but only Christians will invest in prayer.

Would you be willing to invest in our vision to resource and mobilise even more individuals and communities to a deeper connection with Jesus?

Please give this month to help us raise £25,000.

Yes, I can give! 

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